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     Rudy Vargas is a working artist from
California's San Joaquin Valley.
He offers original paintings,
portrait work and prints.
Rudy has painted a lifetime to create
a unique style. His paintings are rich with
color and rich with the influence of the
"Old Masters".
Each is a story of life.
     You may know of Rudy’s numerous
public works which have been recognized
by the
California State Assembly
and the
United States House of Representatives.
For these works visit
 What you see here
are works from the artist on a
more personal level.
Most of these works depict family,
friends, and artistic influences, each
with a story, old and new, each captured
for many to view and ponder
for a very long time.
It is,
"A true alternative to Modern Abstract." 
     Thank you for your interest and
enjoy your visit.

The work displayed on this page is
conceptual. It is a representation of the
rich agricultual land, the hard working people
and "salt of the earth mentality" that
comes from within California's
San Joaquin Valley.

Rudy Vargas Fine Art "Dale Con Ganas!"
"Dale Con Ganas!"
Whatever it is you do…
Do it with passion, purpose and balls!
Acrylic on canvas
"Dale Con Ganas!"
Winner of the
San Joaquin Valley Wine Grower's Association
2010 Poster Art Contest

Weather resistant art for the patio

 Weather Resistant Art
Introducing art work that is weather resistant.
Take your patio and guests to a different place
without ever leaving your home.

Fresh and Engaging 
Music by the
Mandragora Tango Orchestra

Mandragora Tango Orchestra

Play here


Rudy Vargas painting "The Dynamics of Life"

Watch the Process
A painting for the
National Center for Farmworker Health
2013 Commemorative Piece
San Diego, CA
Acrylic on canvas
For more info go to


"Abrazo de Vida"
Embrace Life

Rudy Vargas Fine Art / El Gallero

"El Gallero"
Dedicated to Rudy's paternal Grandfather
known to many as Chindo

Art is Long - Life is Short

Rudy Vargas Fine Art
Copyright 1999 - 2017

Rudy Vargas Fine Art / Diego y Frida
"Diego y Frida"
Portrait of Mexico City artists,
Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo
Acrylic on canvas
The original painting
is currently available for sale.

Painting Stories
     The desire to paint
stories of the world has
been with us since early man.
     History has proven, great
civilizations fall and it is the
art that survives for those
who follow.
     History is and always
will be a window to the future.
     Man will fall but his Art
will never die.

Skillman Original 2017
"Amantes de la Conquista"
Lovers of the Conquest 
Acrylic on canvas

NCFH poster signing in San Diego 2013

Rudy works from a home studio.
He is not listed in the phone book
nor the yellow pages.
Rudy Vargas Fine Art
Visalia, CA



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